Pulau Susu Dara

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Situated out north of Perhentian Island, Susu Dara Kecil is located close to her slightly larger twin sister on the right, the Susu Dara Besar, both are separated by a shallow narrow channel running along the north/south rocky coastline. Average depth is 6 meter and max depth at 12 meter.

Facing the open sea front, hard and soft coral communities thrive on the rich nutrients thrive on the rich nutrients from the sea. Soft corals are not as plentiful as Tokong Laut. However the diving is interesting with good water clarity and abundant reef fish. Expect to see damselfishes, wrasses, rigger fishes and a moral eel peeping out from its lair. You can dive close to the island along the reefs. The fringing reef gives way to sandy terrain at about 18 meters.

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