The Discover Snorkeling experience introduces the general public to the underwater world. Since most people can learn to snorkel safely on their own, Discover Snorkeling focuses on providing guidance and assistance while they explore. Discover Snorkeling activities are promoted as trips, tours and experiences, rather than training.

Discover Snorkeling Outline

Participants who view the Discover the Underwater World video prior to the experience receive information about basic equipment use, water safety, aquatic life and snorkeling destinations.

Things to do and see

  • Watching aquatic life
  • Photography
  • Exploration
  • Local activities


  • Mask, fins, snorkel
  • Buoyancy vest
  • Exposure suits and weight systems as needed
  • Accessories
  • Gearing up

Snorkel swimming and water safety

  • Local sights, sounds and water temperature
  • Hand signals: OK, not OK (both close and at a distance), follow me, look here
  • Defogging mask
  • Entering and exiting the water
  • Floating, breathing, relaxing
  • Buddy system
  • Removing water from snorkel and mask
  • Kicking with fins
  • Adding air to vest
  • Equipment and fitting.