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Give YOU and your LOVE ONES the skills to conquer 100% of the world. Including the 71% covered by water 

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Lets learn to SWIM & SCUBA

Give YOU and your LOVE ONES the skills to conquer 100% of the world. Including the 71% covered by water

Welcome to the ™Dive Buddy, your friendly PADI Dive Centre and Swim School located within the Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam, Selangor. We have it all right here to fin you through your perfect dive adventure, ranging from our comprehensive PADI dive courses, swim lessons, equipment sales/services, dive tour/travel and ocean conservation related events.

Going for a holiday? Check out our year 2017 dive schedule and island information on dive destinations around Malaysia and other parts of the world. Be sure to also check out our what’s new page and download information on scuba news, travel tips and promotions. Need a dive and swim buddy…don’t miss our official Dive Buddy group page and Swim Buddy page at Facebook and Instagram, get connected with dive members all around the world, share experience and post your group trip.

So, get ready to gear up, dive in and fin your way through the ultimate dive adventure with us.


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Loved every moment throughout the PADI Open Water Dive course. Thanks to the professional and knowledgeable instructors who kept the whole experience fun and enjoyable. It was truly a great experience that one should never miss in life. “Blow bubble be happy”

Mogesh Sababathy

Dive Students, PADI Open water Diver Course

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