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How deep can you go this 2018 in a SINGLE  BREATH

Experience the silence of the underwater world in one breath. Break free, let’s go free diving with us at Dive Buddy (Malaysia)

Inline with our vision 2018 to provide a comprehensive watersports experience & activities, Dive Buddy (Malaysia) will soon introducing the Free Diving course beginning mid-January 2018.

Intensive training is currently in progress to our junior crew members to spearhead the Freediving school.

The PADI Basic Freediver Course

Course Goals

This challenging two-day course is appropriate for intermediate and advanced freedivers with no prior certification. The formal training is designed to establish and verify theoretical understanding, effective safety procedures, and in-water efficiency.

The course is designed to cover not only the basics of freediving, but also goes into some depth in the science and understanding of the sport of freediving, making it an excellent primer for those who want to go on into more advanced freediving as well as a solid foundation for recreational freedivers, making their dives safer and more relaxed and enjoyable.

Course Contents

  • Understanding freediving disciplines and required skills
  • Understanding breathing techniques and their effects for comfortable and safe diving
  • Physiology of breathing (and not-breathing)
  • Safety
  • Depth and Pressure (with a focus on effective equalisation)
  • Equipment for freediving
  • The freediver and the environment
  • Written exam
  • Static Apnea and relaxation in the water
  • Dynamic Apnea with efficient finning technique and streamline
  • Buddying and safety
  • Video Analysis of dives for visual feedback on technique and form
  • Safety and Rescue exercises
  • Video analysis of your dives
  • Equalisation
  • Free Immersion diving
  • Streamlining and turns
  • Using a reference line for training
  • Duck dives
  • Constant Weight diving
  • Rescue practise
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