Sugar Wreck is a sunken freighter located at the west of Pulau Perhentian Kecil and resting 18m below the surface. It sank in 2000 during the monsoon period. It was previously used for transporting sugar and currently, it is the house for many marine life. Reef adaptation can be seen here as already there are corals and shells growing on the hull. Big schools of snappers, jacks and trevally circle the hulk and myriad smaller fish shelter inside. In its walls and deck, you can find many scorpion fish. You can also see bamboo sharks and blue spotted sting rays underneath the cargo doors, located in the back side of the wreck. It’s a very easy wreck that allows easy penetration in the cargo bay. For experienced divers, penetration is also possible in the engine room, wheelhouse and cabins. It’s one of the farthest spots in the Perhentian, so many dive centers will not go if the boat is not full.